We offer a wide range of international services with our extensive experience and a team of experienced professionals in Corporate Finance Consulting and extensive experience.


Terms of “Corporate Finance” and “Corporate Financier” mean that the enlargement of the capital to create, develop, enlarge or acquire capital enterprises. They are used to describe the activities, decisions and techniques of a company’s financial structure and main capital. In our changing world, companies need to make more accurate and informed decisions in strategic capital and corporate finance supervision.

In the race to be a front runner in the rapidly changing business world, corporate mergers and acquisitions are among the indispensable elements of the business life. Whether mergers and acquisitions achive the desired objectives foreground the manner, in which the projects are performed. It is observed that, even if the price of the companies, subjected to sale is determined accurately, there is often a loss of value in merger and acquisition transactions.

DENSA creates added value for both our customers and our country by combining its knowledge on national and international financial and tax law with the complementary rich experience and high-quality tax and legal legislation that are provided for domestic and foreign investors.

DENSA supports to manage the financial risk for the company acquisitations, the attempts to raise funds in the capital market, or the strategies that will minimize the depreciation of the capital increases; while it also assist the customers to create a high level corporate value.


• Financial Consulting
• Tax Law Counseling
• Domestic and Foreign Investor Counseling
• Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions Consultancy
• Strategic Appraisal
• Public Offering Consultancy
• Company Evaluations

• Project Finance Consultancy
• Debt Construction Consultancy
• Customize
• Dispute Counseling
• T.T.K., Consultancy Under the Law on Execution an Law of Obligations
• Corporate Configuration