Social justice is secured only with  understanding that the tax laws does not only give duties to taxpayers but rights are also granted to them.


In the context of tax audit and consultancy services, our goal is to help our customers manage taxes as an operating cost. The service, provided by DENSA is intended for the purposes of preliminary identification of future problems, guidance on issues that may lead to the possibility of reducing the tax burden in the framework of the rights provided by the tax laws to taxpayers, and information and problem solving on legislation and practices related to the hesitations communicated to our company.

We work with our clients financial management teams to help them restructure financial transactions to increase post-tax revenues. We also review existing and planned transactions and offer possible solution alternatives to ensure that our customers obtain the most appropriate tax results within the legal framework.

In today’s global economy, tax legislation has become complicated both nationally and internationally. DENSA, specializing in national and international tax and trade legislation, following changes in legislation, contributes to the businesses that it serves against the opportunities and risks, created by market conditions in the rights recognized by tax legislation with its specialists and extensive experience.

DENSA serves the businesses with the understanding that taxpayers have not only duties but rights are also granted to them by the tax laws.


• Corporate and International Tax Consultancy
• Foreign Investment Tax Consultancy
• Financial Legal Consultancy
• Tax Planning and Configuration Services
• Tax Disputes
• Taxpayers Services for Company Consolidation
• Examination of Annexes and Announcements of Annual Revenues and Institutions Tax in the Scope of Full Accreditation

• Tax Consulting for Real Persons
• VAT, SCT, SCO Return, Settlement, Postponement, Endorsement of Deferment, Cancelment, and Exemption
• Reports on Capital Increase or Decrease
• Taxation Services for Merger, Split, Transfer, Divestment or Change on Type
• Wealth and Asset Investigation Services
• Identification of Incentive, Discount and Exemption Amounts
• Transfer Pricing / Implied Capital