We provide effective consulting services that will take our customers further in their markets with their chancing needs.


Successful companies are the companies that can provide customer loyalty and employee commitment at a high level, increase shareholder value, have a sustainable and strong financial structure, operate effectively; and manage to grow. As DENSA family, we produce solutions that are applicable to every project, present these solutions based on data and facts, and improve the competencies of the businesses.

We work with our customers tocontinuously provide better a service, meet their needs with different approaches and create a sustainable operation inside their organizations from the projects by training their own teams.We work with our customers as well as our employees and implement practices to enhance their competencies and managerial skills.

We provide effective solutions in business, operation, technology, human resources transformation by accurately identifying the needs of our customers; and guide them during this transformation. We develop personal services for clients with our consultants who are willing, experienced, and knowledgeable and have special expertise in this context. We work together with our clients in a team to enable them to manage transformation and manage their projects successfully.

Our clients are always our priority in the decisions that we take in our works.


• Corporate Strategy
• Strategic Planning – Strategic Roadmap
• Corporate Performance Management
• Brand Strategy
• Customer and Channel Strategy
• Market Analysis and Evaluation
• Operation and Business Model Development
• Business Process Improvement
• Operational Development
• Supply Chain Management
• Improvement of Production System

• Cost and Operating Capital Management
• Optimizing Sales and Marketing System
• Financial Transformation
• Mergers and Acquisitions Integration
• Information Technologies
• Organizational Restructuring
• Project Management and Program Management Office (PMO)
• Chance Management
• Human Resources Optimization
• Corporate Governance