Public confidence is gained by providing the correct data, obtained by auditing with high-quality standards, to information users.


Independent audit is the auditingand reporting annual financial statements and other financial information of businesses throught auditing their books, records and documents and reporting physical evidence, in accordance with the prescribed criteria for the financial information, in order to obtain adequate and appropriate independent audit evidences to provide reasonable assurance by applying all necessary independent auditing techniques as stipulated in the independent audit standarts.

The purpose of the independent audit of financial statements is to have an independent auditor express an opinion about whether abusiness presents its financial situation and operating results with all important aspects, truly and correctly, in accordance with the financial reporting standards.

Independent audit is not an obligation, imposed upon businesses bylaws, regulations, and standards; instead, it is an indispensable necessity for today’s businesses.Transparent, open and understandable information is the most valuable kind of information and it is possible only through an independent audit.

DENSA is conscious of that public trust is gained by auditing with high quality and high standardsand high standards; and it renders service by using the Computerized Audit Program (CAP), an international audit program supported by TÜBİTAK, by combining its experience of international accounting and auditing standards with accounting practices. DENSA adopted providing contribution to businesses at the top level by evaluating risk and needs analyzes with expert auditorsas a principle.


Statutory Audit

• UPS Mali Beyanlarının Denetimi
• IFRS, TFRS, US GAAP, MSUGT ve VUK Raporlaması
• Üçüncü Şirket Denetimi
• Basel IV
• Dolandırıcılık ve Sahtekarlığın Kontrolü
• Kara Para Aklama İşlemlerini Önleyin
• Kurumsal Risk Raporları
• Kalite Kontrol ve Değerleme

Accounting and Financial Statement Control

• Control of Internal Accounting System
• Establishment of Internal Control System
• Structuring and Development of Internal Audit Department
• Commercial Risk Assessments
• Business Analysis
• Financial Analysis and Rish Assessments
• Inflation Accounting and Reporting
• Special Purpose Financial Reporting
• Consistency of Financial Statements According to International Accounting Standarts
• Consolidation System and its Applications
• Development Agency Expenditure Confirmation Reports
• Independent Auditing of European Union Supported Projects